What’s it all about?

Welcome to the Record Shack. This is a small UK-based blog dedicated to music reviews, vinyl news and helping you build a record collection – on a budget.

The aim of this blog is to review music, put ideas into perspective and rethink conceptions we hold of albums. I want to challenge conventions but, above all, I want to help you discover new music. Yet this blog has a secondary aim: to offer advice as to how people can successfully start, grow and maintain a record collection that is personal to them, as well as offering guidance as to how this collection can be utilised (i.e. displayed, protected and, of course, played.)

And remember: this is primarily to help you folks on a budget. But for all you who aren’t: you’re all welcome along and I hope you enjoy the ride.

But wait, what do you mean by a ‘budget’ anyways?”

Some people have the money to spend on a turntable or the past 5 hottest releases. Others don’t. Those who fall in the latter category, like myself, have often found themselves buying cheap turntables and limiting buying records to a once in a blue moon activity.

This blog is for those people. This is to show how collecting records can be a hobby that doesn’t break the bank – or your records.

What’s your schedule for posting?”

This blog will aim to post, at the very least, the following features:

  • “Vinyl” – advice and thoughts on all-things vinyl.
  • “Music Reviews” – showcasing reviews to help you discover, re-discover or avoid chosen albums.
  • “Artist of the Week” – who are we singing praises for this week in the shack?
  • “Blog” – opinions and interesting ideas in regards to the record and music industries as a whole.
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