There’s a sale going down at Monkey Boy Records.

Monkey Boy Records are offering 10% off all vinyl for any orders this easter weekend. Better yet, they’re offering 20% for all those in the Monkey Club – the membership service offered by the supplier!

Now for a quick disclaimer: I’m in no way affiliated to Monkey Boy Records – I’m simply a collector who has been consistently impressed by the great value and efficient service the distributor has provided since I first started using them around a year ago.

It was summer 2017 and I was looking to cop a copy of Jeff Rosenstock’s Worry. He’d released a string of coloured releases and I wanted to grab one but I was unemployed and broke. I was put off by high shipping fees from the US and resigned myself to simply getting the album at a later date if it were to appear on eBay or Discogs for a reasonable price.

Then I stumbled across Monkey Boy Records.

For a small shipping fee of a few English pounds, the record was mine in a cola bottle green pressing. Better yet, for just £11.95 was a copy of Rozwell Kid’s Precious Art – an album that turned out to be one of my favourites from 2017. So for just £26.05, I was receiving two brilliant albums for the price I would have just paid to import Rosenstock’s from the States.

The whole process was easy – the service was quick, efficient and friendly.

I recently joined the Monkey Club to take advantage of saving money when pre-ordering and purchasing from the distributor. As thanks, I was sent a complimentary tote bag and felt slipmat – a sentiment that more than covers the £15 asking fee let alone the 10% off all year round (and currently 20% meaning I’ll be copping Thundercat’s Drunk for just £26).

Free goods with the Monkey Club when signing up! Source: Monkey Boy Records

So get out there and use this great service and support a local distributor. You will not be disappointed.

Featured image found at: Canterbury Culture (check it out for a cool interview with Monkey Boy Records owner Alex)

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