An affordable ‘Demon Days’ is coming to vinyl.

Demon Days, the second album from Damon Albarn’s cartoon hip-hop project Gorillaz, is coming to vinyl in 2018 – and it won’t break the bank!

Released in 2005, original pressings of the album on vinyl will set you back around a hefty £120 plus shipping. For those in the UK, the record has not been repressed or remastered to the masses, leaving fans and collectors alike to either pay up for a copy of the original or turn to the unofficial coloured releases that come and go on eBay for £45 a pop. They look pretty cool, but be warned, reviews have bought the quality into question.

A wild unofficial release appears. (Source: eBay)

In 2017, a limited reissue did indeed surface but it was no good for us Brits – it was released the wrong side of the Atlantic (in the US).

However, are currently taking pre-orders for the LP. Released on the Warner Brothers label, the record will set you back $24.99 plus $14.53 shipping – so that’s £27.95 a copy all in all.

At just under half the price of an unofficial release, its well worth a punt for any fan and collector alike. The release date is set at April 6th so get it while you still can!


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